OwnerDescription Picture
Søren Kristensen vw bug roadster nice! Original
Klaus Jakobsen Roof chopped racing type 1 restored summer 2003. Original
Mette Hansson / Anders Jacobsen 1302 LS årgang 1971 Betty Importbil fra hamburg tyskland Original
Martin & Sarah 1962 type 1 Original
Jan Christensen VW 1500 S Notchback fra 64 Original
Tom Søborg Original Bay Camper Original
Morten "Spliff" Original type 1. Original
Jens Flensburg Westfalia camber projekt Original
Jens Flensburg OValer cabrio projekt Original
Thomas Schlenzig Knudsen 911T 2,2 Targa 1971 Original
Thomas Schlenzig Knudsen 1967 singel cab with aluminun loading area, tined windows else 100% original Original
Søren Ludvigsen ( Der Lüdde ) 1957 oval bug sunroof, restored 2002 Original
Lars Christensen Type 2 original westfalia imported from germany 2001. See more of it at www.splitbus.com Original
Thomas Høj Andersen 1966 Ghia convertible, imported from C.A u.s.a 2001, restored winter 2001 - spring 2002. Original
Thomas & Henrik Høj Andersen Split crew cab, swedish import 2001. Original
Willy & Suzanne Fully restored and updated bug, called Lotte. Original
Jens Sverige Tweety Original
Frederik Øvlisen 1302 original from 1971 Original
Kristian Holm Oval bug 1954 Original
Kristian Holm Custom bug Original
Jan Christensen Westfalia bus Original
Jan Christensen Red buggy Original
Rie Serup Co & Co inc. I want to be a cow Muhhhhh. 1970 wannabee COW Original
Stine Bjørn 1972 1200 spar käfer bug , orange imported to Denmark from Bornholm summer 2001, driven by an old lady, only 34.000 km, on the clock Original
Hammer Radwan Yellow Buggy, VW Buggy, gul, italiener, 1960 Original
Danny Christensen Peter Linder Buggy, 1914 ccm, Centerline wheels Original
Martin & Sahra 1303 all original.-! Original
Carsten Otto The green Mother, Buggy Hallo Ich will Grün werden.- Original
Brian herlev Buggy Tiger dyret, ( WoOoOAaWwW! ) Original
Thomas Knudsen 1966 type 2 kombi bus camping conversion. Imported from Sweden spring 2001 Original
Ronnie Lauersen 1965 bus imported from sweden 2000 Original
Søren Ludvigsen ( Der Lüdde ) 1966 Karmann Ghia, silver, red interior, porsche 911 seats, 1600 ccm std, 356 porsche style 5.5" wheels, lowered 10 cm. Original
Thomas Knudsen During the winter 2000 Thomas has renovated this 1967 pick up on Bornholm. Original
Thomas Høj Andersen VW split 1950, projekt, very rusty. To be restored to its original condition, I have collected all parts missing only needs bumbers. Imported from Sweden 1950 original
Thomas Høj Andersen VW oval 1954, pan of restauration finished in 1999. 1954 original
Thomas & Henrik Høj Andersen 21 Window Samba deluxe 1966, imported from Sweden , Currently under restoration. Original
Rasmus Bromose Pedersen VW 1300 1973 red and white Original
Henrik Larsen type 3 fastback from 69", Henrik got this car from an old mann in summer 2000 for only 300$, it is rustfree complete with lots of exstras. 100% original and shines in all of it's glory of a 2'nd hand car! Original
Ronnie Laursen 113 deluxe 1956 coral red, Ronnie bought this car in Sweden in 1997, it was a california look in a nasty blue colour, Ronni restored it in spring 2000 and it is now, all original Original
Miguel Olmeda 1972 vw bug, 1303 type II, salmon colored, Miguel comes from Puerto Rico and brought this car along to Denmark in 1996. Original
Kim Kornum VW Type 1 Convertible, 1969, Black with beige hood, White interiour. 1600ccm with 2+40mm weber Original
Jens Soeren Jess Germany VW type 2 T1 1964, Imported from Sweden june 2000, bought for only 500$. Nice original kombi complete with all parts Original
Willard Frank , U.S VW 11-3 deluxe, 1954, Audi TT silver metallic, Nissan interior, Porsche fuchs, 1914ccm with 2* 40mm weber, probably the nicest resto oval in Denmark! Original
Jan-Evan Christensen VW 1303 cabriolet årg. 1979, brazilbraun met. med beige top. 1600 motor med 2 dobbelte 40 mm weber karburatorer 48 kw / 65 hk. Original
Michael Rem VW 1303, 1973. Michael Got this car from his grandfather for free! It is 100% Never restored but stands as new with no rust. A 2000ccm engine is planed installed for 2000 Original
Nikolaj West VW 1303, 1973 under rebuilt. super restored
Steven Møller Hansen 113 Deluxe 1956. Original
Christian Wieder VW 1302 cabriolet from 1971. Get it fixed
Thomas and Henrik High Andersen The locality of the clubhouse, lying 10 meters from the forest and 2 kilometers from the norht sea. The clubhouse
Michael Veit VW 1303 cabriolet tuned 2*kadron 1776ccm, ATS wheels - lovely carFast Car
Henrik Høj Andersen VW 1303 cabriolet 1979 U.S model, speciel edition tripple white, with fuel injection and catalyc converter. This car is strichtly original right down to all deacals and it is unwelded and in exstemely good condition. This edition were made in very few examples, only 1 per dealer in California. Today this exampel is very rare and only for collectors. 1979 original
Jens Soeren Jess Germany VW 1303 Cabriolet 1978 U.S reimported in early 90ties 1303 original
Niklas Eklund VW 1300 named "Tulle", 2*kadron,porsche 356 wheels, gangster cap, a very nice car. Niklas 1300
Peter Gerlich ( Pede ) VW 1500 1970, called the beer car because beer bottles are lying all over the floor in this former stockcar. Drives exelent one of the most loved car in the club. Beer automobil
Bjarke Johansen VW 1200 1984, imported from Germany in 1996, is now repaintet and fitted with new crom ( not on picture)Original sold in Uruguay in South Amerika but importet to Germany by Bjarkes Aount in 1987. The car is produced in Mexico . Viva Mexico
Vicky Kopp VW 1300 1972.
Torben Hansen VW Type 2 1964 kombi imported in 1999 from Köln Germany, Nice condition no rust perfekt car. 1964 bus
Jan Koed Original Type 2 firefighter imported from Germany in 1998 from a little firedepartment in Oberstreut Germany. Perfekt condition with roofrack, firepump, firepipes,sirene, blue flash and helmets. Fire Fire

Former Club Cars

Martin Hilman VW 1500 cabriolet from 1969, Automatic stickshift lemmerts sprintstar. Stickshift
Jan Christensen Red buggy Original
Dan Horn VW 1956 with 1949 decklid and small hearttaillights. Mark uses this car as a daily driver. The car have never been welded. Bought it for amazingly low 1400£ Super 56
Jens Soeren Jess Germany VW standart 1956 Oval, under rebuilt. With cabel brakes no crome at all rare sight. 1956 original
Mark Horn VW type 2 1966, kombi with samba roof. imported from Sweden in 1999. Rust free only 6000dkr just repaintet.. sound blaster
Dan Horn 1964, tined windows 1914ccm engine, discbrakes front and rear, custome interior, bilet style engine Kicks ass 0-100kmt 7.4 it's a bus think about it, wild . Imported from Germany 2000 road racer by dan horny, alias the horny brothers
Jacob Zeuten 1954 type 117 cabriocoach. It original came from Sweden. Very nice daily driver. Imported to Denmark in 1999. All original. Super Swede
Karsten VW 1958, mint green, with 2165 ccm engine, recaro interior, droped front and rear, one nice daily driver! Original
Claus Nikolaisson VW 1200, 1971, New Beetle yellow, Resto look, with a awsome stereo 200db push this car. 1600ccm with center kaburator. Original
Mikael Torsen VW 1303 1973, Sienna red, 100% original with sunroof, and 4 lug sprintstars! Original
Stefan Petersen VW 1303, 1974. Stefan bought this original in 1999, exelent exampel 100% original one owner car with 1600ccm engine Original
Jesper Jensen VW 1303 from 1973, good old 007 bb, old drag racing car, was once fitted with a chevy 2800ccm engine. drag machine
Allan Nevermann Das Boot type 181 hamer-rite sponsored, empi sprint star wheels. Original
Henrik Skovgaard Type 181. The Thing
Thomas & Henrik Andersen 1961, Factory sunroof bug original herbie yearmodel, with original stickers imported from USA, via Greg Carr alias DR. Herbie. "The club car" Got speedwell steering wheel, round hazet toolkit, original gassparcan, roofrack with woodslades. Original
Klaus Jakobsen Roof chopped racing type 1. Original
Thomas Lübbe 1954, strongly modified type 1, 17" alu wheels, 1679ccm engine Original
Mark Horn VW type 1 1964, original, never restored Torben 1964